The Digital Altarbox

Not all altars are stationary; like many things, we need flexibility and portability that evolves with us.  The Digital Altarbox is a bridge from me to you, offering a multitude of resources your sacred sanctuary for holistic growth and transformation. Dive into our treasure trove of resources and let this digital altar be your guide on the journey to self-discovery and empowerment.

Self-Directed Growth

eBooks, Courses, & more

Inner Magick

Self-Directed 21-day Challenge. A journey through your inbox focusing on body image coaching and self-empowerment, to help you build self-acceptance, love, practice body neutrality, and reshape your relationship with your body. Through a series of thought-provoking prompts and actionable steps, you embark on a three-week adventure of self-discovery and personal growth, fostering an empowered and kinder perspective towards yourself and your body.

  • Daily Email Prompts

    Comprised of a email series that is automatically delivered to your email directly over the course of 21 days. You complete them at a time of the day that is convenient for you.

  • 1-on-1 Coaching Session

    At the end of your challenge, you will have the option to schedule a 44-minute coaching session within 90 days to review your experience and celebrate your evolution.


eBooks & Downloads

Recommended Resources

Books, podcasts, and more that I have found great insight from, and hope you do, too. Links direct you to the author’s website or preferred vendor, and I do not make any commission off of your purchases from clicking on these links. I encourage you to also check your local library when possible, as they not only have the physical book, there are often resources like Libby that allow you to get eBooks or audiobooks directly to your device.

Arranged by author’s last name; updated March 2024.

Books & Workbooks

The Geode Theory: Chipping Away at Body Image
Teri Hofford
The Geode Theory Workbook
Teri Hofford
The Body Is Not An Apology: The Power of Radical Self-Love
Sonya Renee Taylor
Your Body Is Not an Apology Workbook: Tools for Living Radical Self-Love
Sonya Renee Taylor
Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving
Pete Walker
More coming soon...


Demystifying Magic
Molly Donlan & Madison Lillian

A blend of science & spirituality filled with practical tips to add more magic to your life. Your spiritual practice should feel lighthearted, appease both your intuition & skepticism, & make life feel a little more magical. 

Teri Hofford

Conversations about confronting the squidgy feelings that make us want to cry, cringe, quit, and create chaos and how to use the Squidge space to empower ourselves to become closer to our authentic deserving selves.

More coming soon...
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