Meet Mo

Your Guide to Rewriting Body Narratives

I bring a unique blend of holistic skills and coaching expertise to support you in this phase of your journey. I am committed to guiding individuals on their next steps toward personal growth and transformative healing. By combining my passion for energetic mentoring with evidence-based techniques, I create a safe and empowering space for you to explore your emotions, connect with your inner self, and (re)discover the beauty of their human experiences. My goal is to guide you toward self-discovery, empowerment, and a growth mindset surrounding your relationship with your body, and how you speak your truth into existence. 

It is my honor to support and witness you create a meaningful and profound narrative that celebrate your unique story, one worthy of your divine majesty.

Reclaiming My Body

& Healing Our Relationship

My journey with body narratives began, like many, around grade school age, where I faced bullying and judgment from peers and strangers alike. Being called names and profanities based off of my appearance left deep scars.  I feel into a sense of not fitting in with my own skin; I was not in my body, and I desperately wanted it to be accepted – because it would hopefully mean I as a whole would be, too.

Listlessly going from one focus to another as I got older, the disconnect grew more.  I avoided the mirror except to check my uniform, to make sure I was socially acceptable. I continued to want to shrink, not draw attention to myself for fear of formative scars being reopened.  Many times life had given me evidence to believe this fear was valid.  However, pivotal moments came with my career as a massage therapist and doula, where I witnessed the incredible power and resilience of the human body.  It is a magnificent vessel of existence, beautifully faceted with human imperfection. From the outside in, we are divine.

Navigating challenges and setbacks, I made a conscious decision to prioritize my own well-being after becoming a parent. I realized that my body deserved the same respect and attention I was giving my mind and spirit. Surrounding myself with like-minded individuals and practicing mindfulness became crucial in shifting my body narrative, there embracing the power of living in my incredible body. By quieting my inner critic and choosing self-compassion, I began to reclaim ownership of my body and life.

This journey has profoundly impacted my sense of well-being and fulfillment. Feeling more connected to my body has unlocked a newfound confidence and authenticity within me. I no longer shrink myself to fit into society’s narrow standards—I proudly take up the space I am meant to occupy.

You are worthy of being as you are,


All humans are loved and respected here.  

Your concerns and needs in this world are always prioritized and honored. 

Education & Certificates

My training program encompassed a diverse range of coaching methodologies, techniques, and principles that are rooted in evidence-based practices. Through this training, I have gained in-depth knowledge and understanding of various coaching models, effective communication strategies, goal-setting techniques, and methods to foster personal growth and transformation.

My coaching practice is informed by a diverse array of qualifications and experiences, ranging from therapeutic modalities like Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy to holistic practices like Shamanic Journeying and Master Reiki. With a focus on empowerment, life story transformation, and therapeutic art, I offer a comprehensive approach to support my clients on their journey to holistic well-being. Additionally, my expertise in areas such as energetic self-defense and people-pleasing behavior cessation ensures that I provide well-rounded and effective support.

Through extensive training in traditional techniques and advanced practices, I’ve cultivated the ability to channel universal life force energy with compassion and care. With this certification, I’m here to offer you gentle and supportive Reiki sessions, personalized to address your unique needs and guide you on a journey of healing and self-discovery.

National Holistic Institute lives and breathe our mission statement of Helping People Have Work They Love. They whole-heartedly believe that being a well trained massage therapist gives their students the ability to improve their life, career and community.  I completed their 900-hour program and graduated in 2018 as a Massage Therapist and Health Educator, and would go on to teach for some years afterward.  I completed 32 Continuing Education credits (hours) in their intensive Pre- and Perinatal Massage Therapy coursework with Carole Osborne in April 2018. I would maintain my massage therapy certification with California state for another five years.

Birthing Advocacy Doula Trainings’ courses are socially conscious, culturally appropriate, diverse, and action-oriented. Students are trained to serve their clients using the best practices available, and are provided with a wide perspective of disparities, inequalities, policies and rights. I am prepared to be an active partner in the movement to change birth and reproductive health culture locally, nationally and globally. My Full-Spectrum Doula coursework provided me with education for all stages of a birthing person’s life. Additional education included topics and issues facing our communities and birth world, such as the black maternal health crisis, food insecurity, and queer and trans birth and family building.

Through additional organizations I have completed education courses for being a Birth Doula, aiming to emotionally and mentally support a birthing person through pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I have also completed coursework around Breastfeeding Skills to further support clients I serve.

Education is a never-ending career, and over the years I have taken numerous certification and supplemental education courses pertaining to the art, and service, of photography. Through Maiden, Mother, Crone Photography, it is recognized that continued education is of the highest priority for the pure benefit and support of the birthing community.  As such, while not a requirement by any governing body, I have sought to add to my extensive training in the birth world by enrolling in a birth photography education course.

Further, to support the intimate nature of not only sacred birth spaces, but also the transformations happening with Therapeutic Portraiture, I sought to become a graduate of The Boudoir University. Through this education that supported personal and professional values, I have pledged to continue to do the work necessary to educate myself on as many different intersections of oppression as possible.

In addition to striving to provide a safe, inclusive, and empowering photographic experience for all humans, I also aim at mitigating harm where possible. It is my belief that every human is worthy of respect in the form of, but not limited to: consent, safe practices, open communication, and understanding. Every human deserves photographic documentation and it is my promise as your professional to constantly aim for inclusivity, empowerment and empathy in all practices. 

Schedule your consultation today to embark on this empowering path of self-discovery and transformation. Together, we’ll uncover the radiance that exists within you, throughout all phases of life.

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